Equal Means Equal photos (10/26/17)

Sponsors of the screening were:
Northern New Jersey NOW

Reproductive Justice Committee of the Unitarian Society of Ridgewood
Northern Valley League of Women Voters
Urban League for Bergen County Young Professionals
YWCA of Bergen County
National Council of Jewish Women - Bergen County Section

The speaker was: Roberta (Bobbie) Francis, ERA Education Consultant for the Alice Paul Institute, Founding Chair of the ERA Task Force of the National Council of Women’s Organizations, and Former Director of the NJ Division on Women.

A chuckle-249 Answering questions-250 Bari Lynne Schwartz comrades from NCJW BCU-251 Be forewarned -252 Bobbie Francis our Speaker-253 Bobbie remembers the ERA wars-254 Bonnie Chalek engrossed-255 Carol Marissa during our postcard action-256 Carol enjoying the discussion with Laura Diane-257 Carol Loscalzo Bonnie Shapiro Marissa Koziar Bobbie Francis speaker -258 Carol welcomes everyone-259 Carol Bonnie Bari Lynne-260 Debating the ERA-261 From Mother Me exhibit by Jennifer Stratton-262 From the Exhibit 1 -263 From the exhibit 2 -264 From the Exhibit 3 -265 From the Exhibit 4 -266 From the Exhibit-267 Kim Matt being equal-268 Ladies happily looking for equality-269 Marissa Mark celebrating a job well done-270 Marissa enjoys a moment with husband Mark Coleman and Terri Kelly-271 Marissa gets herself together-272 Marissa introduces the movie-273 Marissa listens to Carol-274 Marissa warms to the subject-275 Mary Martire enjoys some reparte-276 Nasty woman Dina Wilner works hard declines photo-277 NCJW BCU leaders in a blur-278 Prashant Anjali Mehrotra Prshant schooled us in wage inequality during the discussion -279 Signing In-280 Susan Waldman engrossed-281 Suzanne Fuhrman friends-282 Taking advantage of the generous snacks-283 Title of the Exhibit as shown on the wall-284 Vanessa Loh Laura Troy happy to be going home-285 Vicki Sidrow informs Matt Shapiro while Kimberly Regan informs herself-286 Waiting for the show to begin-287 What is Bobbie thinking -288 Women of Equality-289



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