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Angali Bonnie-290 Audience including Board Member Judith Green-291 Audience including Carol Loscalzo Chair of Reproductive Justice Committee Unitarian Society of Ridgewood -292 Bonnie Shapiro Past President NNJ NOW with member Michelle Dupey-293 Bonnie with NNJ Board member Marissa Koziar-294 Bonnie with singer songwriter Sharleen Leahy-295 Laura Diane Anjali-296 Michelle Marissa-297 New NNJ VP Laura Troy New NNJ President Diane Scarangella New NOW NJ President Anjali Mehrotra-298 Speaker Lynn Roberts-299 The Actors 2 -300 The Actors 3 -301 The Actors 4 -302 The Actors-303 Welcoming Speech by Bonnie-304

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