A chuckle-249 Answering questions-250 Bari Lynne Schwartz comrades from NCJW BCU-251 Be forewarned -252 Bobbie Francis our Speaker-253 Bobbie remembers the ERA wars-254 Bonnie Chalek engrossed-255 Carol Marissa during our postcard action-256 Carol enjoying the discussion with Laura Diane-257 Carol Loscalzo Bonnie Shapiro Marissa Koziar Bobbie Francis speaker -258 Carol welcomes everyone-259 Carol Bonnie Bari Lynne-260 Debating the ERA-261 From Mother Me exhibit by Jennifer Stratton-262 From the Exhibit 1 -263 From the exhibit 2 -264 From the Exhibit 3 -265 From the Exhibit 4 -266 From the Exhibit-267 Kim Matt being equal-268 Ladies happily looking for equality-269 Marissa Mark celebrating a job well done-270 Marissa enjoys a moment with husband Mark Coleman and Terri Kelly-271 Marissa gets herself together-272 Marissa introduces the movie-273 Marissa listens to Carol-274 Marissa warms to the subject-275 Mary Martire enjoys some reparte-276 Nasty woman Dina Wilner works hard declines photo-277 NCJW BCU leaders in a blur-278 Prashant Anjali Mehrotra Prshant schooled us in wage inequality during the discussion -279 Signing In-280 Susan Waldman engrossed-281 Suzanne Fuhrman friends-282 Taking advantage of the generous snacks-283 Title of the Exhibit as shown on the wall-284 Vanessa Loh Laura Troy happy to be going home-285 Vicki Sidrow informs Matt Shapiro while Kimberly Regan informs herself-286 Waiting for the show to begin-287 What is Bobbie thinking -288 Women of Equality-289

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