NNJ NOW 45th Anniversary Brunch

NNJ Board (see description above)

Bonnie Shapiro (President) and Matt Shapiro (Board member)

Janet Manning (Past President) and Carol Loscalzo

Norma Harrison, Judy Murphy, Marg Berg

Vicki Sidrow with Mary Martire (Treasurer), Judith Green (Board member) and Laura Gaines in background

Lauraine Sauer (Past President)

Eleanor Katz, Leigh Hallingby (Past President), Judy Murphy

Kimberly at registration table

Robin Katz, Karen Del Colle (Past President), and Vicki

Leigh, Lois Brown, and Judy M.

Bonnie and Matt

Matt, Vanessa, Dina

Eileen Jacobson and Linda Hickson

Sharon Wynne and Penny Coleman

Frances Regan, Barbara Nudelman, Kim, Mary, Judith, and Doris Baran Hirsch (in background)

from left -- Doris, Judith, Mary, Kim

Mary presenting awards

Mary and Vanessa presenting awards

Judy M.

Judith Green

Dina, Doris, Judith

from back-- Lois, Eleanor, Leigh, Karen, Matt


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