Human Trafficking Rally 2013

Vicky Stapleton, Action VP, and Rosermary Lontka with NOW rounds

Dea Evans and Vicky

Rosemary, Deb Huber, Legislative VP, Bonnie Shapiro, and Vicky

Matt Shapiro, Rosemary, Deb, Bonnie, Dea, and Jay Kohn

Matt and Deb see a drone

Dea and Rosemary

Shot of the crowd. Look closely and see Matt with NOW round and Sue Waldman next to him (back of crowd)

Crowd facing the podium, Matt with NOW round

Congressman Chris Smith addresses the crowd

State Senator Nellie Pou addresses the crowd

Sue holding NOW round

Deb and Vicky resting with lots of NOW ID

Rosemary in crowd

Senator and Nellie Pou and Assemblywoman Valerie Huttle listen toAssemblyman Tom Kaine

Matt with NOW round

Bonnie with NOW round

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